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I know who I can talk to when I have a worry
— Child, aged 7

 Helping Hands is an 8 week group work programme run by Haven in primary schools to benefit children aged 7-11 all over Sheffield. It is a preventative education programme to help children think about their feelings and help them to learn how to keep themselves safe.

 All children receive a Helping Hands handbook which they work through each week, along with doing other fun activities. The children keep their handbook at the end of the group and get a certificate celebrating their achievement.

By working with children using Helping Hands we can help them:

 · to name and express their feelings

 · to Feel more confident

 · to Manage their angry feelings and their worries

 · to feel confident about keeping themselves safe


The feedback we have received for Helping Hands has been really positive. Children have found the group extremely enjoyable and they really have valued having their own handbook.

 Schools have found Helping Hands helpful for children in managing their feelings and feeling more confident that the children can keep themselves safe.


 Helping Hands is a course devised by Women’s Aid as a preventative education programme that can benefit any child.

To enquire about Helping Hands or if you would like us to deliver this service at your school, please contact us.