Big Lottery Invest in Sheffield to Improve the Lives of Women and Girls

Women and girls are at the heart of more than 60 projects across England which will support them to regain control of their lives, including 3 life changing projects working out of Sheffield.

Funding is focused on not only providing help for women of all ages faced with extremely difficult situations such as violence and abuse, stalking and sexual exploitation, but also in mentoring and connecting young girls with role models.

In Sheffield, one grant of £750,000 over 4 years has been awarded to a new voluntary sector partnership. They plan to address the shortage of longer term therapeutic services to enable women and girls to recover and move on with their lives after experiences of abuse. Their Recovery & Empowerment Partnership brings together 4 women’s organisations: VIDA Sheffield, Ashiana, Haven and YWHP – Sexual Abuse Support Service, along with Chilypep, a young people’s participation project.

We look forward to working together to help more people across Sheffield.